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Fuckin made my night.

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gayest scene in modern film history

Maybs you’ve missed all those “gay films” that exist? I’m confused, what is the purpose of this gif set. And your comment. 

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So whitemanmarchprotestsigns is trending on twitter and I thought I’d share some of my favorites. Part 1 of 2.

LOL, except for the last one, which used ableist language.


Equating blindness with oppressiveness.

Oh, no, “The Blind Side” is that shitty white savior movie with Sandra Bullock. “Blind Side” is a football term for some sort of sneak play. idk. I’m 90% sure they weren’t referring to actual blindness

Thanks! I’ve been told this is an ask, but here’s a reblog to let everyone know that I was not aware of this :)

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My name is Shiri Eisner, I’m a bi trans* disabled person of color, and the author of the book “Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution”. I’ve been nominated for two literary awards, and I am super excited! I’d really like to go to NYC to attend the ceremonies. I’m fundraising now in hopes that I would manage to get there. Please share widely, and if you can - donate!

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Episode 03 Labels woth Shiri Eisner and Cameron Kude


Listen to me talk about labels with the awesome BiCast!

Note about accessibility: a transcript of this episode will be available sometime next week :)

I have not yet listened because its an hour long. BUT OMG, an hour long discussion on LABELS and BI-ness by BI-people. I love it already. 

Queers are amazing. 

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Reason’s I love France #1:

Nike is pronounced so that the ‘e’ is silent. 

its great. 



If I look up “carrot” in the dictionary, most people will acknowledge I do not know all there is to know about carrots and if I truly want to understand carrots, I should probably pick up a horticultural text book. We know that legal and medical terms are going to be, at best, simplistically represented and know we need to find a lawyer or a doctor if we want to know more. Anyone deciding to base their argument on, say, a philosophical concept or term using the dictionary is going to be laughed at at best, or automatically lose whatever argument they’re trying to make at least.

Yet the minute we move into a social justice framework, the ultimate authority changes. We don’t need lived experience, we don’t need experts who have examined centuries of social disparities and discrimination, we don’t need societal context. We don’t need sociology or history – no, we have THE DICTIONARY! That ultimate tome of oracular insight, the last word on any debate!

It’s patently ridiculous and you can see that by applying it to any other field of knowledge. But the privileged will continually trot out simplistic, twitter-style dictionary definitions as if they are the last word and the ultimate authority. No-one would drag out the dictionary to debate science with a scientist. But they’re more than willing to trot out a dictionary definition of racism over any sociological analysis. A dictionary is not the ultimate authority - they’re a rough guide for you to discover the simple meaning of words you’ve never heard before – not an ultimate definition of what the word means and all its contexts.


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If there needs to be a series of scientific studies done to verify my existence then I shouldn’t have to pay taxes. 

Not to mention that the way the study was originally conducted is a little worrying.

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