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There’s a sugar-ant infestation in the kitchen (but these guys are huuuuuuge) and I find an ant floating in my cup of tea/coffee each morning. 

Like, after the 100th death by boiling in electric kettle, don’t you think the other ants would figure out not to try to dive in???


Support Palestinian artist Mahdi

"As a Palestinian living in the West Bank, my studies and my artist development are greatly affected by the occupation. My mobility is restricted so I find it difficult to exchange ideas and collaborate with other artists. Because of the occupation Palestinian people experience psychological repression, too. It is often difficult to create beauty here in all of the chaos but I am trying for my people."

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Shailene Woodley joins the ranks of female celebs who don’t understand feminism.

So good with the gifs. So good.

I want to do this. 

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Sucker MCs should call one of these #RuinARapTrack tweets sire. Find out which on tonight’s new @midnight.

Normally these aren’t that funny. Two thumbs up, twitter-verse.


This up-beat music makes me give zero-fucks for finals. 

It doesn’t matter if I fail these classes, right?

Wrong. Apparently it’s important. 


these photos were taken by mohammed salem and klaus thymann (click pic), showing the rise of parkour in gaza’s shati and khan yunis refugee camps. unemployment in the camps is high, and with little to do and limited resources, some have turned to parkour as a means of escape.

as abdullah enshasy, who cofounded gaza parkour team with mohammed aljkhbeer, explains, “i have witnessed war, invasion and killing. when i was a kid and i saw these things, blood and injuries, i didn’t know what it all meant.”

adds aljkhbeer"there is a big relationship between parkour and barriers that we’re surrounded by in the gaza strip. there’s the blockade, walls are everywhere. …parkour gives us a sense of freedom and allows us to endure these conditions without getting deeply depressed.” 

for a sport that is literally about overcoming obstacles and living beyond imposed physical restraints, parkour has perhaps even greater resonance in the the narrow, politically and militarily confined gaza strip, which is home to a densely boxed in population of 1.7 million palestinians.  

but enshasy notes, “at first people didn’t accept us. they would say, ‘you jump like monkeys and you climb buildings like thieves’.” but as their facebook page explains, parkour is about breaking conventional paths in life and finding your own.

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These photos are stunning.

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Why it’s okay to “wear too much makeup”.

  1. Because other people’s opinions of your appearance don’t fucking matter.
  2. Because you have the right to make yourself look anyway you wish.
  3. Because the human body is a blank canvas and makeup is just one of the possible mediums.
  4. Because it’s fun. 

When altering your appearance is a positive form of expression, it’s just another part of being human. 

So fuck off, everyone.